Available and Planned Litters

Litter plans:

We do not have litter plans for 2024.

Due to incredibly high volume of applications and only 1-2 litters a year, we only take applications on litters once they are born. Once accepted, we take a $500 non refundable deposit for that litter. Our puppies are $3500 for pet quality with ISWS registration, including MN state sales tax. We do not ship puppies.  Thanks!

About Our Puppies:


A puppy from Silken Windhounds at Spirit will be a lifetime family friend. I breed for a well rounded silken, able to be a companion to young children, family pet, a running partner, performance dog,therapy dog, service animal, or racing dog. Our pups are a cut above the rest. And the titles on our versatile dogs prove it!

We health and genetically test our parent dogs and post those results online for your verification. (www.offa.org) Tests include eyes, MDR1, CEA, thyroid, dentition, embark, and cardiac exams. 

All of our breeding dogs are UKC Grand Champoions or Champions, and also have at least one racing or performance title. Some are even titled in multiple dog sports. Some have won Best in show in conformation events. Some even have the very difficult to attain ISWS Championship!

We don't believe in inbreeding or heavy line-breeding, but do breed complementary dogs with excellent health and pedigrees. We prefer to wait 2 or 4 years before breeding a female and often breed to the oldest, healthiest stud dogs we can find. We hope this practice, along with health testing, will reduce the incidence of disease. Silkens are healthier than the average purebred dog and we plan to help keep it that way! 

My dogs are family pets that live in my home, not in kennels. We don't have a breeding/kennel facility. Feel free to visit facebook and see many pictures and videos of our dogs in their environment. Their puppies are raised in a spacious, custom designed puppy/dog room, with access to outdoors, natural light,and lots of interaction with people and dogs. Buyers with applications, references and deposits can visit our home. We love to show off our care of our pups and you can watch your puppy grow! Early socialization is key to a well- adjusted adult and I spend a lot of time on this. We are convinced no other silken breeder in the Midwest socializes their puppies to the degree we do!

Our puppies are gorgeous, conformationally correct, healthy, and outgoing. Temperament is of the utmost importance to me!  No scared, skittish, snappy, or aggressive silkens will ever be bred in our program.  The new parents of our previous litters cannot say enough about their intelligence, trainability, beauty, and calm temperaments. Please ask for references anytime.


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