UKC Champion One in a Melon@Spirit, JRC

Midori was born 1/18/2018. She is the daughter of our Soda and Marcus. She is black with a white chest. She is a little girl at just 19.5 inches tall. She is a bright, happy, and smart silken who is easy to train. She loves to chase the lure and race. She is the best racer we have in our kennel! Due to covid19, she hasn't completed any titles in racing, but she soon will. She also trains for agility and for nosework too! She is coowned and lives with Hannah and her family. They help show her and do all her training. Midori is good with cats, good off leash in safe areas, and highly obedient. 

We are happy to add her small stature, outgoing temperament, and handler focus to our future program. Her structure is solid, with well matched front and rear angles, flexible topline, elegant neck and pretty face. Her movement is light and balanced. 

Midori is a UKC conformation Champion. She has her JRC in LGRA racing.

Midori is clear for Cea, OFA thryoid normal, and Mdr1 clear. She also is OFA clear for cardiac disease. Her testing is listed here. She is also embark tersted for 160 diseases, see that here.  She is free from allergies, car sickness, and anxiety. She is friendly with strange dogs and people.