RBIS UKC GrandChampion CSB agent Sylvia trench@Spirit

Chai had three litters with us. 2 natural and one via emergency c section. She has been spayed and placed with friends of ours. 

Chai is our lovely white and cream parti silken girl. She was born in 2015. She is  inches tall and 28 lbs. She was bred by CSB silkens. Her head, heart melting expression and beautiful outline are her best physical features. She has a plush coat that is not too long. She is sweet and kind, and will spend every moment at your side if given the chance, literally on your lap if possible! Her temperament is a testament to the breeds gentle nature. She is now co-owned with a wonderful family and is the pride and joy of "her" 11 year old boy. They participate in junior showmanship, and racing events. 

* UKC champion in 2016

*UKC GrandChampion in 2017 in minimum amount of shows

* Multiple UKC Group placements

* UKC Reserve Best in Show in 2017

* Earned 2 legs on her weight pull title in 2017

* Runs LGRA straight racing. She likes it, but isn't crazy for the lure. She always finishes her races though!

* Had her first litter in 2018 

She is fully health tested, DNA tested, and you can find her health certificates here. https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=1836941


She is a carrier for MDR1 (does not affect her puppies when bred to clear males) and CEA clear.