ISWS CH. UKC GRCH. Allagante Take A Chance@Spirit, JRC

Bellini had one litter that tore her uterus requiring emergency surgery and she was spayed at that time. She is now living out her life as a spoiled pet with close friends of ours. She still enjoys going to LGRA meets to race.

Our Bellini is a sable female bred by Allagante Silkens. Born in 2016, she is 20.5 inches tall and 29 lbs. She is out of some of the best racing silkens of all time, Dior; and another decorated racing female, Sky. Bellini follows in their footsteps by finishing every race she has ever run in. She has excellent lure drive, although she is not always the fastest dog in the race. Bellini is the sweetest dog, always cuddled up with us or one of our other dogs. She has no anxiety, is healthy, friendly with both dogs and people, eats well, and has no car sickness. We just love her calm energy and quiet presence.  She has beautiful, sound structure. She moves cleanly and with balance, no lifting of the pasterns or crossing over. Her angles both front and rear are well bent, with a beautiful neck into withers transition. Her topline is correct and flexible. She has sweet doe eyes, with a more whippet styled head.  Her classic silken outline and clean movement earned her the fantastic win of Best Female at the 2018 Silken National Specialty, shown by Jon. She beat at least 100 other female silkens for this prestigious win. That win helped her earn the coveted and difficult to earn ISWS Championship. She also very quickly finished her UKC Championship and Grand Championship with multiple Group wins. Bellini is well on her way to earning her LGRA Racing championship as well.

Her health testing is complete and posted on OFA. click here for both her and her grandparents health testing. 

 She has normal eyes via opthalmologist, normal thyroid, clear heart exam via cardiologist and she is double clear for MDR1 and CEA.